Network and Systems Design, Implementation and Administration.

Why do you need network services? Do all businesses use a network? The answer is yes, unless of course you don’t have a computer with internet. The internet is largest network of all, and using it exposes you to risks. Naturally, most small to medium sized businesses have more than one computer.

Do your users need to share files with each other? Do you want them to share a printer? Do you need all your computers to have access to the internet. Most businesses will answer yes to all three of these questions. Whether you have a “workgroup” network or a server “domain” network – ultimately most businesses will end up connecting their computers to either a wired or wireless router and share information among the machines and their users.

  • Is your network setup properly from the inside. Improper setup can dramatically slow things down and make it difficult to share files and equipment (i.e. printers)
  • Is your network connection to the internet properly secured? Even a small hole in security to lead to extensive damage – physical equipment damage, software corruption and loss of some or all data.
  • Is your network setup to limit who can access it? Do users have no more access than they need? After all, if you’re the boss, you don’t want employees seeing some of the documents you create.
  • Do you have more than one location? Having more than one location doesn’t mean you need more than one network or multiple types of infrastructure. Did you know you can create a network that acts together in multiple location, making it seem if all computers throughout the organization are at the same place?

Often we are called to “clean up” or fix a broken network part. A computer isn’t working, someone’s not able to remote in, or a service that a business wants just isn’t available. During our initial consultation, many times it becomes clear that all the different aspects of network administration (infrastructure, user security, machine maintenance, servers, firewalls, routers and gateways, etc) haven’t been fully addressed. We specialize in ensuring that all the different parts are designed well and work in synergy to ensure the highest quality service for your business.