Service and Support

Service, Security & Support

Although the initial design and implementation of your business network can appear to be the biggest expense you’ll have with it, the truth is that ongoing maintenance and support will prove to be far greater.  Networks and Computers are complex animals.  A good initial design can help to minimize this expense, but the need to have ongoing support will never be eliminated.  There are several important factors to consider:

  • Equipment – What you buy can have a big impact on your costs over time.  While the cheap machine may be good for the immediate bottom line, the components are bound to experience issues sooner than their more expensive counterparts, and their service life will be shorter.  This means shelling out more money over time to replace and repair cheaper machines more often.
  • Maintenance – we often think of maintenance as cleaning out old files, but truth is, there are many things that need to happen on a regular basis.  Microsoft is making this a bit easier for us, but sooner or later the need for a technician to remove old programs, clean up your registry and ensure that the file system is in good shape will become inevitable.  Your network layout can either make that process an easy one (and cheap) or a long labor intensive one.  The installation of a server and domain system can do a lot of the monthly maintenance for you, and allow a technician to complete the remainder on your business machines from a remote location.  If this were the only reason, the cost of a good server and setup will pay for itself many times over.
  • Humans – a computer is only as smart as the person using it.  Employees will inevitably make a mistake beyond what they can fix.  It’s a cost of doing business.  Knowing that ahead of time can help you plan for your support needs.  Having a support company in place with the right technology and support system can make this a smooth process, and as we’ve said, smooth and easy is less costly.
  • Security – Properly set up firewalls, content filters and End point security is a standard in today’s world.  Without, nothing you do or have on a computer is safe.  While there are still some direct intrusion attempts on networks, randomly targeted attempts are becoming pretty rare  (these types of attempts are done for a reason – you, and only you have something that somebody wants.  These types of attacks are usually done or paid for by somebody or some company you know).  Firewalls, content filters and endpoint security minimizes this risk, and most random hackers won’t bother to attempt it.  Instead, they have turned to an intrusion process called Social Engineering.  Attackers prey on our fears (think, a popup on a website that says our computer is infected with a virus, or an email telling you that your bank account has been hacked and to click the button to be taken to the support page to secure it.)  You need an IT company that can not only set up your security devices and software to repel direct intruders, but who can also assist you with or directly train your employees on how to avoid social engineering attacks.

We provide all these services – Maintenance of existing machines and networks, Technical Support for your employees and Training solutions to minimize your risks.  In addition to that, we provide repair and disaster recovery for all hardware and software on your network.