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As a Team Leader, keeping up with the changes to documentation, the multitude of documents that I need to deal with, and the team members losing the documentation that was done (or just not doing it) created a challenge that few other systems had been up to conquering.  Having used paper forms, Google Forms (which didn't quite capture what was actually needed), Trello, and few others, nothing seemed to do what I needed it to.  As a software developer, most software is born this way - a need has to be fulfilled, and nobody has created the solution.  In my case - documentation for everything that we do as a specialty team for Water Rescue & Rescovery - Dive, Swift and Sonar was just lacking, and the responsibility and liability that not properly documenting what we do was just too high.

Thus, TeamDocs was created. Originally designed for Water Rescue & Recovery, other firefighters in the area that I showed this to quickly started asking about Hazmat incidents and TRT incidents.  Working in collaboration with the Team Leader for Hazmat, the Hazmat side of the software was created.  At the time of this writing, the TRT is being created.

Team Management Features

  • User Management
  • Multi-Layered User Permissions
  • Automated User Access Requests
  • Equipment and Inventory
  • Periodic Service Tracking
  • Work Orders
  • Full Featured-Calendar with Email Reminders
  • Messaging Boards
  • Cloud based File Storage
  • Event & Drill Planning
  • Event Email and Email Reminders
  • SMS Incident Text Messaging
  • 13 Pre-Designed Reports

Incident Management Features

  • Specialty Specific incident records
  • Team Rosters & Organizational Charts
  • Incident Notes
  • Incident Pictures
  • Witness Statements
  • Medical Clearance Logs for Technicians
  • Dive Logs / Suit Logs
  • Timers for Dives or In-Suit Times
  • Sonar log information
  • Hazmat Chemical logs & Direct WISER links
  • Auto-Checkin to Incidents on Mobile Device

Training Organization/ Dive Shop Features

  • Track Instructors and Students
  • Add Classes and Publish them to users of Team Docs
  • Track medical/dive logs for all classes and students
  • Complete integration with Team Docs Specialty Team Sites


Team Docs comes with an extensive and searchable knowledge archive.  It can be directly accessed through the software program, or by visiting Inferno IT's website.

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Hosted on a world-class dedicated host with nightly backups and redundant local servers, Team Docs is capable of handling all your team records.


Team - an individual team (whether or private or fire/police agency)

Group - a collection of Teams working together.  (For example, an Illinois MABAS Division)

Standard Services - All hosting, storage, maintenance and lifetime updates/upgrades provided by Inferno IT.


$200.00 per team/department, billed annually for Standard Services

MABAS Divisions / Department Groups can purchase the software for use by all their member departments for a fee of $2000.00, billed annually.

Dive Shop Classes & Tracking: $2500.00 per year billed annually or quarterly.

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